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From the editor

Not to be cliche given what season it is or insensitive in light of the year we’ve had, but there remains much to be thankful for. With that, it seems appropriate that gratitude be the focus of this issue of Spirit.

Some of the Seawolves you’ll hear from include the all-alumni staff of Native Student Services who appreciates the opportunity to guide incoming classes of Alaska Native and rural students. We profile new UAA chief diversity officer Jennifer Booz who welcomes the responsibility of fostering a more inclusive atmosphere on campus. And we spotlight pre-nursing student Merlin Lang who expresses his gratitude for the Student Support Fund scholarship.

On page 12 is an article that is part of our overall College During COVID initiative. Check it out to learn how our resilient campus population has adapted during this unprecedented time.

A story I’m particularly excited to share is the page 8 feature about how UAA’s relationship with community partners and local industry professionals inform university programs to produce graduates who are more than ready to enter the workforce.

If there’s anything you’re particularly thankful for, big or small, I hope you reach out to your alma mater to let us know — it’s always a welcome surprise to hear from you.

With Green and Gold Spirit,

Matt Jardin Signature in red ink
Matt Jardin Signature in red ink
Matt Jardin, B.B.A. ’10