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At the time of this writing, one year has passed since we were all instructed to hunker down to ride out what we understood — and perhaps hoped — to be a brief pandemic. Since then, it wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that our entire way of life has changed. Over the past year of uncertainty, we’ve sacrificed and we’ve adapted, and now we recover.

This issue of Spirit is full of stories about recovery. Some of the Seawolves you’ll hear from include social work alumna Naidene Baechler. As program manager for the Knik Tribe’s new behavioral health program, she provides access to mental health resources at a time when maintaining wellness can seem challenging, but is more crucial than ever.

You’ll also read about justice alumnus Kenneth McCoy. Through his role as Anchorage Police Department deputy chief, he maintains an ongoing dialogue between the community and the department amid a cultural shift in the way we talk about racial equity and law enforcement.

On page 8, learn about how alumni-owned businesses from a variety of industries have coped during the coronavirus. And on page 15, learn about a UAA-UAF collaboration paving the way for renewable energy in the state.

If you have your own stories of recovery to share, I hope you consider reconnecting to let us know. We always appreciate the opportunity to touch base with our alumni and friends. And if there is a single takeaway from the previous year, it’s the meaningfulness of our relationships.

With Green and Gold Spirit,

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Matt Jardin Signature
Matt Jardin, B.B.A. ’10